Construction Area
: Ahmad Hayel Al Saeed
: Aden, Yemen
: 250,000 sqm
: 2001

Located in Aden, 140km south of Taiz, the 200,000 m2 virgin coastal land is a short distance East of Aden International Airport. The national coast road of Aden leads directly to the site, making this an attractive destination for Yemenis and foreigners alike.
The concept design provides for a safe and pleasurable family resort comprising a sandy beach, residences, recreational and leisure amenities, retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, a marina, a spa, and more. With year-round sunshine, it is an ideal retreat for weekends or holidays.
The organization of the facilities is such that high-rise buildings form the northern, inland, edge of the project, against a stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The low-rise buildings and villas are to the south, thus allowing views of the ocean for all.
Water and greenery are important features and abundant throughout the landscape. Swimming pools are numerous across the resort and connected by streams, ponds, fountains and cascades.
Central to the project – and the heart of the resort – is the marina, animated by cafes and boutiques to provide the small port town charm. Moorings for around 80 vessels of up to 40m in length are provided, all protected from the winds and inclement weather.
An island has been created to the west of the project, by the entrance to the marina. As well as performing a protective role to the marina, this will be an ideal destination for leisurely walks, jogs, picnics and boat trips.