Construction Area
: Broumana Oasis
: Plot 1903/387 Broumana, Lebanon
: 32,000 sqm
: 1994

The ambition for this project was to make residents feel part of a community. Thus, the heart of the scheme is the shared facilities and gardens that connect all residences into an ensemble, encouraging a sense of community.
Comprised of 180 luxury apartments, 2 health clubs, 2 swimming pools, 2 squash courts, a nursery and a management building, the residential complex creates a village atmosphere, a city within a city. It has an urban composition of streets, interlinking accesses and visual ties between different zones and buildings. Buildings are formed and used in different combinations to provide variety and residential units of different sizes.
The project received the esteemed Best Concept Award which was especially rewarding due to its complexity. The difficulty of design was due to steep inclines, limited access to the site, the necessity of maximizing the number of units, providing an unobstructed sea view over the pine grove, and the creation of landscaped areas with all the amenities.
The success of this project has been proven by the tranquility and enjoyment experienced by its residents and visitors.