In Collaboration With Allies & Morrison Architects

Construction Area
: Saifi Modern
: Plot 1075 Saifi, Lebanon
: 120,000 sqm
: 1999                                           

The location of this site is exceptional as it is on the Eastern edge of Solidere master plan, between the active Gemmayzeh area from one side and the Martyr’s Square from the other side.

The complexity was the need to develop a residential complex that:
• Mediate between the different and distinctive characters of the site immediate surrounds
• Contributes to the intense life of the city rather than a gated community that shut itself off from the city

The resulting scheme manifests itself in 22 buildings and series of routes placed in such a way to provide permeability and link the scheme with its surrounds whilst a clear street frontage guarantees the strong urban presence.

The modern, pure and simple shape of the buildings is used to configure the rich and complex public spaces; in this way, a delicate balance is achieved between the desired rationality needed to build a complex project like this and the relaxed character that the public spaces should have.

Two unique features of this complex are that:
• The public space is organized around three distinct elements: the lanes, the piazza and the garden.
The intention behind having three different components is to give clear identity to each of the areas of the scheme. The piazza becomes the clear heart of the proposal whereas the lanes provide a warm and informal retail experience; the garden is conceived as a more secluded area with mature trees forming a natural canopy.
• The tops of the buildings are either ‘jewels’ or roof gardens. The penthouses are conceived as eight distinctive ‘jewels’ located in strategic positions. All penthouses share the same architectonic language, helping to bind together the complex. On the other hand the connected roof terraces complement the restrained elegance of the ‘jewels’ with an informal landscape of pergolas, chimneys and gardens.