Construction Area
: ORASCOM Housing Communities
: 6th of October City, Egypt
: 30,000 sqm
: 2019

The project is an affordable social housing condominium within Zones C and D of Haram City Development, with a total plot area of 20,000 m².

Contemporary design and luscious landscaping, playgrounds and parking lots are provided within the plot.

The project meets the requirements of nowadays lifestyle with agreeable and well-designed space planning.

Providing 408 units of an approximate area of 72sqm each composed of a living area, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and a balcony; these units can be joined with areas of 144sqm composed of 2 living spaces, dining, kitchen, toilet, bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and balconies.

The apartments mix caters for all types of needs:

Ground level with a private garden, top level with an additional living space and terrace on the roof floor.

In addition to the above, the flexibility of the structure allows for a multitude of apartment type mixes and spacious areas (i.e. open kitchens); merged horizontally to create a larger space, or vertically for Duplexes. These can be joined on any chosen floor with private gardens when located at the GF level with views on the landscape areas, and a private terrace when located on the 6th floor allowing for beautiful views of the Haram development and the sunset.

Environmental aspects are tackled by using double glazing on south exposed elevations, and photovoltaic cells installed on the roof of the penthouses to ensure the necessary power for the lighting of the common areas.