Construction Area
: Association Libanaise des Chevaliers de Malte
: Chabrouh, Lebanon
: 3,100 sqm
: 2012

The project is located in the heights of Kesrouan Mountains and close to the Chabrouh dam.
The project is composed of three buildings; two of which are being refurbished  to meet the latest needs and requirements and a new construction in the middle  which connects the two existing buildings.
In addition to the constructions, an access ramp was added from the lower road to the main garden/ terrace of the project at the same level of the kitchen and dining room. The lower part of the plot will include a reflective pool and a landscaped garden, in addition to technical areas and drivers rooms under the ramp.
Landscaped areas and ample outdoor spaces make a nice and relaxing environment for the visitors, volunteers and guests with trees and pergolas to create shaded areas.
A proper installation for the whole project together with doubled glazed windows will contribute to energy saving. Solar panels were integrated on some parts of the pitched roofs for water heating and seepage water will be collected in the main reservoir for irrigation and domestic water usage.